Save More with MoXey — The Fleet Card That's Accepted Everywhere

Save More with MoXey — The Fleet Card That's Accepted Everywhere

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November, 01 2022 - 5 min read

Introducing Fleet Cards: Transitioning to a Paperless Freight Journey for Big Savings

In today's cashless era, where debit cards, credit cards, and discount cards have become the norm, the trucking industry still heavily relies on cash transactions. This leads to cash leakages and unaccounted expenses. To address this issue, fuel cards, fleet cards, and expense cards have emerged as digital solutions to digitize transactions and enhance fleet management.

But how exactly do these fuel cards work, and what benefits do they offer? Let's explore:

Streamlined Fleet Management:

Fuel cards act like credit cards tailored to meet the expenses incurred by drivers during freight moves. They enable both small and large transporters to simplify operations. With a fleet card, you gain real-time reporting of all transactions, customizable to provide powerful insights for efficient fleet management.

Digital Paperless Documentation:

Fleet cards allow you to record and monitor information digitally, surpassing the limitations of traditional paper-driven manual documentation. By leveraging up-to-date reports on driver activity, managing credit limits, and monitoring expenses through a dedicated online account, you can streamline driver onboarding and ensure comprehensive documentation.

Hassle-Free Expense Control:

Monitoring expenses has always been a major challenge in the trucking industry. Fleet cards empower you to set credit limits for your drivers, providing control over their spending. Adjusting the credit limit becomes effortless, and you can easily ensure that expenses fall within the assigned limits.

Enhanced Fraud Protection:

Fleet cards employ highly secure payment systems to prevent fraud and potential loss of funds, which can significantly impact insurance premiums. Advanced authentication procedures minimize the risk of fraudulent activities, offering peace of mind and financial security.

Building Your Credit:

By capturing all transactions and payments, fleet cards contribute to building a good credit score. This information is shared with credit bureaus, making you eligible for higher spending limits and lower interest rates.

Are You Really Saving with Fleet Cards?

Fleet cards play a crucial role in keeping operating costs low by monitoring various activities associated with freight moves. For instance, MoXey's Pre-loaded smart cards, powered by VISA, are widely accepted and cover all fleet-related expenses, including tolls, repairs, maintenance, insurance, and even online shopping.

MoXey's Card offers a range of services to streamline your processes, providing powerful insights and control. Enjoy the following benefits:

No Hidden Fees/Charges:

Opt for a fuel card that offers low or no operating fees and has zero spending requirements to increase your overall savings.

Unlimited Discounts:

Some fuel card providers impose limits on fuel discounts, typically capping them at a certain volume. By choosing a card with no limits, you can maximize your savings without restrictions.

Significant Savings:

Beyond fuel, a comprehensive fuel card covers repairs, parts, insurance, and more, freeing up cash for other expenses like employee payroll, allowing you to save big.

Get Started with MoXey:

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